Warden’s Corner

As you are probably aware, Covid infection rates have risen to very high levels in recent weeks, particularly in the southeastern US.  Driven by this new (and more dangerous) Delta variant, higher infection rates have been migrating north, and have now reached Michigan.  Earlier this week, the 7-day infection rate for Kent County flipped from Orange to Red… and continues to rise.

We’ve not been ordered by the Michigan dioceses to resume wearing masks; they are now letting these decisions be made at the local level.  I can tell you that Two Churches – Kentwood reinstated their mask requirement a couple of weeks ago, and our supply priest Fr. David has asked me about it.

The Vestry discussed the matter this week and voted to temporarily reinstate the requirement that all persons must wear masks within our building, and ask all to practice social distancing.  We will continue to have masks available for those who need one.  The vote was not unanimous, and I can assure you that none of us is looking forward to wearing a mask again.  My personal opinion is that wearing a mask is a small inconvenience if it helps to protect someone else who may be at risk.  So this is about love.  

Thank you all for your patience, perseverance, and love for one another.


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