Good News Garden

The GOOD NEWS GARDEN has come to an end for the 2020 season.   

The garden was successful by all measurable standards:
(1) the FOOD PANTRY loved our produce each week and always wanted more; their needs are greater this year than ever before so even our little garden made a difference for the people they serve.
(2) Our volunteer workers made the garden successful – every person’s contribution made the tasks lighter for everyone else; no one was ever over-whelmed with too much work to do.
(3) By God’s grace and bounty the vegetables from the Good News Garden was always plentiful, bountiful, beautiful and wholesome! A healthy combination from Holy Trinity Episcopal Church members.

Harvesting tomatoes for food pantries at Holy Trinity Episcopal Wyoming, Wyoming.
Nourishing food for many people from our garden.

Thank you to whole congregation of Holy Trinity for making this, our first year, a bountiful year.

Please let Rich Dykstra or (Debbie Murphy) know what other hopes, dreams or plans you would like to see for our THE COMMONS.

How would you like to see our church  continue its use of the our COMMONS?

Would you like to repeat the GOOD NEWS GARDEN next year for the benefit of the FOOD PANTRY?
Do you have other ideas? Your input is important! (And thank you for speaking up).

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