Covid Guidelines

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church operates within the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. Therefore, we will follow the Coronavirus guidance as established by the four Episcopal Dioceses of Michigan.

On July 1, 2021 we will begin Phase Three of the Re-entry guidance as published last year.  This guidance is re-printed below.

Masks are encouraged indoors and are not required outdoors. Masks are especially encouraged for those who have not yet received their vaccination, when interacting with those who cannot yet be vaccinated (children, immunocompromised, etc.), and when distributing communion.
Events and in-person gatherings are permitted. We advise making every provision to avoid crowding. 
In-person meetings are permitted. We advise considering how you might enable your high-risk members to join your gathering digitally. 
Regular office operations are permitted. We advise considering how you might maintain flexibility for staff members that are high-risk or have children unable to attend school or access childcare.
Communal spaces must continue to be cleaned on a regular basis.
We advise maintaining a visitor log (including phone numbers and email addresses) for all who enter the building in the event that they may have come in contact with someone with the disease and reporting is required. To the extent possible, the log should be managed by a greeter or an office staff-person or volunteer or follow some other no-touch method. 
Worship Guidelines

Worship gatherings of all sizes are permitted with the following guidelines:

  • We advise considering maintaining an online/hybrid worship option for those that are high-risk and needing to maintain stay-home precautions. 

  • Physical distancing is not required. We advise avoiding crowding in the sanctuary and building to the extent possible. Consider offering multiple services to help people spread out.

  • We advise continuing the use of no-touch alternatives for the passing of the peace.

  • We advise continuing the use of no-touch alternatives for the offering.

  • We advise setting aside special space within your worship area to be designated for people of vulnerable populations.

Eucharist is permitted in one kind using bread or wafers only. Clergy must wash their hands with soap and water before services and use hand sanitizer visibly before distributing communion. If a clergy person or parishioner feels sick or has any symptoms, they should remain at home.

Food may be prepared and served with the following guidelines:

  • Congregations must make every provision to ensure adequate space to avoid crowding.

  • A designated person must distribute any food or drink. Self-serve buffets are not permitted.

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