Holy Trinity Field Trip

Holy Trinity will join Two Churches for their Sunday service on June 6, 2021.  This will mean that no services will be held in our building, but rather we will join our sisters and brothers at Holy Cross Episcopal Church/Ascension Lutheran Church (known as Two Churches) that morning.

This is a great opportunity of celebration as we slowly come forth from our covid exile.

Two churches is located at 4252 Breton Rd. SE in Kentwood, MI—about 5 miles from our building. The current Rector/Pastor is the Reverend Mike Wernick with Deacon Kim Hoop. 

Two Churches operates with one faith, one church council/vestry and combined worship services and yet maintains the traditions and standing of an Episcopal Church and an ELCA Lutheran Church.  The Lutheran Congregation once owned their owned building “around the corner” from Holy Cross Episcopal. 

Please mark your calendars and let us have a glorious turn-out on our field-trip to worship with Two Churches on June 6.



Work Day – May 15, 2021

Our Junior Warden reports that our beautiful outside “Stations of the Cross” is needing a significant amount of Tender loving care.  Trees have fallen, debris is everywhere and a number of stations are in need of repair.

A WORK DAY has been scheduled for May 15, 2021 beginning at 10:00am and lasting until the work is done or people are exhausted.  We need your help in bringing this part of our property back to a place where people can pray the stations and enjoy being in God’s creation.

Please bring gloves and any equipment you think you might need.  We may not have everything we need to get the job done.

If you have a small chain saw, please contact our Junior Warden
juniorwarden@htwmi.org  .

Covid Guidelines

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
will continue to offer inside and in-person services as
long as  such services are permitted through the guidance as
established by the Episcopal Dioceses of Michigan.

We are permitted a maximum attendance in our nave (worship space) of
25% of normal capacity.  There must be no less than 6 feet of
separation between households.

Each person entering the building will have their temperature checked, and will be required to wear a mask covering both their nose and mouth the
entire time they are in the building.

Those attending are asked to respond in a low voice during the liturgy and while singing.  While speaking to others (keeping the six-foot distance) it is
preferable to speak at the lowest volume possible.

Those who have or may have been exposed to the virus (no matter of vaccination status) and those who are running a temperature or feeling ill are advised to please stay home.

The 10:00am service is live-streamed on our Facebook page every Sunday.


The Great Fifty Days


Easter is a season, not just a day.  The season of Easter lasts from Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday.  The color of the season is white or festival which can be gold.  This is a time of rejoicing and happiness as Jesus has risen from the dead. 

Maybe that happiness is a little difficult to reach this year, and that is quite understandable.  I will not go through a litany of horrible realities yet multiple shootings and this confounded virus are on the top of my list.

Celebration may be hard to grasp and yet it is exactly in times like these that we need Jesus most of all.  When we mourn the deaths of those who died by violence we can say to ourselves Christ IS risen.  When we hear of the suffering of those who have contracted Covid, and the sadness of misinformation keeping people from receiving the preventive vaccination we can shout to the world “Christ IS Risen.” 

The emphasis should always be on the word IS.  Christ IS Risen. Christ IS Alive. Christ IS with us in the midst of the craziness, we are not alone.  Christ is not far away, Christ IS with us always and that reality is worth celebrating every day we are given, even beyond the great fifty days.

Fr. Don

Good News Garden Announcement


set up for the summer season.

Thanks to the dedication and help from SIX Holy Trinity members, the garden is ready to start planting — ahead of schedule!

 It was a joy to work with each other while working God’s great Earth. The beds are cleaned up, the water hose is flush with water and the fence is erected to keep out the deer.

We are all ready to grow vegetables for THE GREEN APPLE FOOD PANTRY. If you’d like to join us for our next planting adventure contact Maggie at the church office


The Commons

The extensive land located behind the Diocesan House.

An interested group of the Holy Trinity community met with leaders Debbie Murphy and Rich Dykstra recently to discuss how we might use our land resource for ministry to and with our community.

Rich and Debbie would like to thank those who attended and shared their thoughts.

The focus of the meeting was to discern two questions:

*How is God’s ministry at Holy Trinity Episcopal church to be seen by the larger community?

* How can we utilize our Commons toward that purpose?

Some ideas: Nutritional Education Foundation, Collaborate with other local churches, Children Center, Dormitory, Art Center, Transitional Housing LGBTQ / young adults homeless.

There were some concerns about the Stations of the Cross and Labyrinth.

Action Goals:

  1. Each person at the meeting will invite others to join the next meeting.
  2. People host smaller discussion groups (zoom or phone call)
  3. Continue to discern with God’s guidance.

Technological Committee

Technological Committee

I am pleased to announce the appointment of the Technological Committee to assist the parish in all matters relating to technology. This includes our on-going move to high-density live-streaming, and a bigger presence on our web and Facebook sites.

The members of the committee are:

Maggie Gonzalez
Genia LaNore
Becky Wells
Magnus Smith
Willis “Bill” Atwell
Advisors: Owen Smith and Troy Nelson*

We are looking for folks who would be willing to assist us by running a camera or the switcher on Sunday mornings. Teenagers are welcome and encouraged. Please contact me at rector@htwmi.org.

Fr. Don

New Master Parish Calendar

We have a new web calendar! Please take a look by clicking here.

Our new calendar will allow us to highlight special dates with graphics, use colors to indicate what events are for whom and publish everything that is happening our building.

Of course, this will be even more useful when things are allowed to take place in our building. The calendar will become our parish “Master” calendar. If the event is not on the calendar it may not be happening.

Good News Garden

The GOOD NEWS GARDEN has come to an end for the 2020 season.   

The garden was successful by all measurable standards:
(1) the FOOD PANTRY loved our produce each week and always wanted more; their needs are greater this year than ever before so even our little garden made a difference for the people they serve.
(2) Our volunteer workers made the garden successful – every person’s contribution made the tasks lighter for everyone else; no one was ever over-whelmed with too much work to do.
(3) By God’s grace and bounty the vegetables from the Good News Garden was always plentiful, bountiful, beautiful and wholesome! A healthy combination from Holy Trinity Episcopal Church members.

Harvesting tomatoes for food pantries at Holy Trinity Episcopal Wyoming, Wyoming.
Nourishing food for many people from our garden.

Thank you to whole congregation of Holy Trinity for making this, our first year, a bountiful year.

Please let Rich Dykstra or (Debbie Murphy) know what other hopes, dreams or plans you would like to see for our THE COMMONS.

How would you like to see our church  continue its use of the our COMMONS?

Would you like to repeat the GOOD NEWS GARDEN next year for the benefit of the FOOD PANTRY?
Do you have other ideas? Your input is important! (And thank you for speaking up).