Chemo Hats

Over 200 chemo hats were blessed by Fr. Don on Sunday, June 13 during the regular Holy Communion service at Holy Trinity.

The hats made to be worn by those going through chemotherapy during the period when one’s hair is depleted, were made by loving and devoted members of the Holy Trinity community.

The hats will be distributed to cancer centers and rehabilitation centers throughout the area.  Some hats will remain at Holy Trinity in case their is a need.

Shown in the picture is Fr. Don and and a few of the members who made the hats.

Our Church Records

Our Church Records

In the next two-weeks, the Holy Trinity office will be sending out a “profile” page for each person in our records.  In many (most) cases, our records are incomplete and we need your help.

When you receive the profile page, please do not drop-it in the trash.  Please complete the dates left blank on your form and send it back to us.

If you want to save the postage, you are welcome to scan it (do not take a picture) and send it via email, bring it with you next Sunday or drop it off on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

The information we are requesting is not typically considered overtly
private, however, I assure you it will be kept in confidence.

No information concerning our membership is ever released to any
group, organization or company outside the Episcopal Church without
your permission.

Thank you for your help with this!