Space use fees for members/the Diocese

We generally do not charge members of Holy Trinity who are active/in good standing, and their children, and the Diocese of Western Michigan, for use of Holy Trinity spaces for events such as weddings, church-related workshops, etc.

We require that you return spaces to their original condition, including cleanliness and furniture arrangement.

Contact the office to schedule your event.

Weddings, receptions, parties & other gatherings

Use of the Fellowship Hall is included for all member weddings and funerals. If you need the kitchen and its equipment (dishware/glasses/flatware, dishwasher, stove, coffeemaker etc.) you must make arrangements with our office.

Sanctuary: $50

Organist: $150

Priest: We recommend a contribution to the priest’s Discretionary Fund

Opening/closing fee (Diocesan events only): $25

Meetings for non-church-related groups/activities

Sanctuary: $50
Fellowship Hall: $50
Kitchen: $50
Opening/Closing (Diocesan events only): $75

Funerals and memorial services

Members may use the Sanctuary and/or the Fellowship Hall.

Fees: Voluntary contribution

Kitchen: You may use our dishes, equipment, etc. No food is provided.

Organist: $150