From Fr. Don

We may be Outdoors
We may be Indoors
We will be on-line
We will praise God
We will be together.


This xxxx virus has taken a lot from us and from our world.  There is a great deal of sadness caused by something that cannot be seen without the assistance of significant magnification.  We all know people who have or have had the virus, and many of us know folks who have died because of it.  We know businesses, and some churches that have had to close and others that may not make it through this season. There is enough sadness to go around.

Holy Trinity is a parish of great perseverance.  This coming Sunday we will worship together either outside (it sounds like it will be a nice morning), inside or online.

With great sincerity, no one, especially not me, is telling you to come to church. Your decision is yours and yours alone. You must decide for yourself about the risk factors in coming to church outside, inside, or watching from home.  In the same way, your relationship with God is yours and yours alone.  You are the only person who knows and understands that relationship and no church, or cleric, or friend or relative should tell you that your relationship with God does not measure-up to theirs.

With that thought comes another, especially as we approach our national election, and our nerves may be on overload.  We are all God’s children, and we are all loved no matter our politics.

Being an only-child, I may not fully understand what it is like to live in a home with siblings.  I think of my brothers and sisters in Christ in that way.  We are all created by one God in the image of God, we are all loved equally and unconditionally by God.  There is no doubt that God is, at times, delighted and disappointed with God’s children, but God’s love does not waiver. We may judge others, sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly but we must understand that God’s love for those we love and those we have difficulty loving is not in question; God’s love is forever.

Let us gather, in one way or another. Let us remind each other that we are all God’s children and that there is a place at the table for all of us. Let us take the precautions necessary to guard ourselves and protect others as best we can and let us make the decisions we need to make as commanded to by Christ, to love one another. Let us mask-up and wave at each other from a good distance. Let us wash our hands at least five times more than we think is necessary. Let us call and communicate with each other and let us be together in prayer and in love for one another.



On the way to the Eagle

The finished ga ga pit. Picture by Beth Smith

Magnus Smith, eldest Son of Owen and Beth Smith is on his way to the honor of being an Eagle Scout.  Magnus, a 17 year-old Senior at Byron Center High School who, with help from his troop and others, recently completed a full renovation of the parish’s playground adding a “ga-ga pit.”

Ga Ga is known as a nicer and more friendly version of dodgeball and is played in an octagonal pit or space.  The pits can include soft surfaces or be set-up in a parking-lot or gym.  There can be any number of players.

A new slide was installed to the playground and the structure was painted bright colors to encourage welcome.  The playground is located so that people know Holy Trinity is a welcoming church, especially for kids (and those who are kids at heart).

As part of the requirements to become an Eagle Scout, Magnus was “in-charge” of the project down to the last detail, including raising funds, purchase of supplies and assigning tasks.

After the final paperwork and interviews, Magnus will have completed all the challenges toward becoming an Eagle Scout.  Eagle Scouts were first recognized in 1911 and have included Gerald Ford, Neil Armstrong and more recently Stephen Spielberg and Michael Bloomberg.

When not involved in Scouting, Magnus is a member of the marching band where he plays the sousaphone; is interested in technology and is an active teen with many friends.

Thank you Magnus, and our thanks to all the Scouts and Adult leaders who assisted on this worthwhile project.

The finished playground. Pictures by Beth Smith

Honoring the Greatest Generation

Our very own, Don Leech was displayed this week at a  virtual event honoring the greatest generation. This is found at the Gerald R. Ford Museums’s Facebook Page. Look for the video titled: “Grand Rapids Greatest Generation Day Veterans’ Portraits Display.” In timestamp, 29:02, you can read his profile. Check out the page as there is more is more information displayed on there about the greatest generation. Let’s give a salute to Don Leech, United States Marine Corps Corporal, 2nd Marine Division.

An Eagle Scout Project by our very own: Magnus Smith

Magnus Smith in Eagle Scout Uniform

Hi everyone!

This is Magnus, and I am working toward my Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. One of the requirements that I need to complete is to plan and carry out a service project, and I have chosen to do so at Holy Trinity. I will be refurbishing the playground equipment and constructing a gaga pit for kids to play in (for more information about gaga ball, please visit this website: In order to get started, I need to raise $800, which will go into everything from lumber and screws to food for the volunteers. For more information regarding my project, please see my Eagle Scout proposal, attached below. All donations should be made out to Holy Trinity, and the subject should read “for Magnus’s Eagle Project”. Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to get started on my project!

Thank you,

Magnus Smith

Click here for My Proposal



Curious about the Episcopal Church?

How is the Episcopal Church different from other Protestant churches?

Can you take communion if you’ve never been baptized?

What do you “have to” believe to be an Episcopalian?

If you’ve been away from the church for awhile, if you’re hoping to connect with a church community on a deeper level, if you feel that Jesus is asking you to walk with him, maybe the Inquirers class is right for you.

It’s a series of classes to prepare you for one of three types of re-dedication to Jesus:

Confirmation, the sacrament where you vow to do your best to follow the teachings and path of Jesus Christ;

Reaffirmation, for those who have fallen away from the church and wish to make a new public commitment to Christ; and

Reception, for those baptized or long-practicing in other denominations who wish to make a new committment to Christ as part of our Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement.

Father Pete is offering the Inquirers class series on four Sundays: May 5, May 19, June 2, and June 16. Email him or give him a call if you’d like to know more or are ready to sign up!