Attention Knitters!

Attention knitters!

We weren’t able to have our hats blessed and donated last spring. I have been in contact with the cancer centers that have received hats in the past. I am hopeful that they will soon be able to accept our donations.

Questions ? Contact Lynda Adams

Our BCP for Personal Devotion

Our Book of Common Prayer was approved by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 1976 for proposed use with final approval in 1979.  The Book is one of the longest serving Prayer Books in the History of the American Church; it is also the 4th Prayer Book since the American Revolution.

Changing Prayer Books is difficult as our people get used to the beautiful words and rhythm of the various liturgies, yet the Prayer Book has always been so much more than a guide to worship.  In the Episcopal Church, it is a living testimonial to what it means to be a part of the Episcopal community.

During the season of Lent, I will offer a facilitated discussion on how to use our Book of Common Prayer for personal devotion.  As we are and will be limited for in-person worship, the use of our Prayer Book in our home prayer life might be a Lenten learning for this quite unusual year.

Please join us as we begin on Thursday, February 25 at 6:30 P.M.

Please click here for the ZOOM link.

Fr. Don

Holy Donuts

Holy Donuts

A Gathering for YOUTH
ages 11-14
Once a Week During Lent

Parents supply donuts (until the weather gets warmer).
Fr, Don will discuss a Bible reading along with connected topics.

Each gathering will be about 30-45 minutes.

Beginning Sunday, February 21 at 11:30 AM

Click here for ZOOM information.


Lent at Holy Trinity 2021

It feels like we have been in Lent for a year, doesn’t it?  We have made sacrifices that seem huge.  Our finances are not what they were, and we have had more alone time than many of us can stand.

The introverts among us might like the quiet and home time, but the extroverts may think they are tied-up in some kind of virus fear prison and that their rights are being denied them because they are being asked to stay home and put a mask on.

Lent is a time of personal discovery, surely this time of the pandemic has been and continues to be a time of personal discovery.  We have all learned how different invisible baddies are shared from one person to another.  We have learned that people respond to these baddies in different ways, some hardly notice it while others die sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly and miserably.  We have learned that the elderly and those who have a worse time, and those with O blood may do better.  We have learned that children may have a better time with the exception of those who respond severely when infected and get really sick.  We have learned, not for the first time, that we are wonderfully made and quite unique. That may be the Lenten learning of this season that just keeps going.

Inasmuch as it does seem that we have been in a kind of perpetual Lent, truth is that we need to learn, we need to discover and we need to hear the healing words of our Lord.  We are never finished in our  Christian learning no matter of our age or experience, there is always something new.  We need to discover how best we can serve, and love, and be a healing voice to those who are finding every hour a struggle.  We need to once again hear the story of how Jesus died and lives.  Somehow, we need to dig down and find our inner selves and, with a modicum of kindness, get reaquainted so we know ourselves well enough to live fully into Easter on April 4th and when we rise from this dark time.

On Thursdays during the season of Lent, (note the day change) I will be offering an opportunity to learn about our beautiful Book of Common Prayer.  We use it every time we worship, and unlike other denominations within the confusing realty of Christianity, what connects us as Episcopalians and Anglicans is how we worship.  No matter where you worship, if you are in an Episcopal Church you will be using the structure if not the content of our Book of Common Prayer.

Our conversations will not be about the history of our Book of Common Prayer as much as we will learn about the book itself and how it is used for public as well as private worship.  We will answer questions about why this and how that.

We will meet at 6:30pm on Thursday evenings beginning on February 25  the week after Ash Wednesday through the Thursday before Holy Week.  We will pause the week of the Vestry meeting on March 11.  Oh how I wish we could be together and have a bowl of soup and some salad as we learn, but that is just not possible this year.  The class will use ZOOM.

Holy Donuts is a new Youth (virtual sigh) weekly gathering for all our youth ages 11-14.  This is open to all (almost) teens of the parish including Grandkids etc.  We are trying to find a time and day that will work.  Parents are asked to make sure that your youth has a way to join us via computer and a donut (or two).  

During Lent our Sunday (live-streamed) services will begin with the penitential order which gives us time to focus on what it means to worship and to carefully consider our relationship with God.  The services are a little more serious than the rest of the year.  The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated each Sunday with distribution available in our parking-lot.

I look forward to Lent as it will remind me and all of us of our many many blessings especially during this awkward time.

Fr. D. 

Assistant Bishop

From the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern and Western Michigan

We write today to announce the exciting news that the joint Standing Committees of Eastern and Western Michigan have called the Rt. Rev. Gladstone “Skip” Adams, III to serve as consultant and Assisting Bishop with our dioceses as we continue through this current phase of life together. 

About Bishop Skip AdamsBishop Adams was the tenth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, where he served from 2001-2016. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and is a graduate of Towson University and Virginia Theological Seminary. In his ordained life, he served churches in New York, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Maryland before his episcopacy. He is committed to the Church’s role in speaking out and advocating around environmental and social issues in response to Jesus’ command to love God and one’s neighbor as oneself. Most recently, Bishop Adams served as Bishop Provisional with the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina from September 2016 – December 2019. Among other things, he led the diocese through an extended and painful court process concerning diocesan property, names, and trademarks after the former diocesan bishop orchestrated a wide-reaching schism from The Episcopal Church in 2012. Bishop Adams enjoys fly-fishing, reading, music, camping, and canoeing. He and his wife, Bonnie, a registered nurse, live in Upstate New York. They have three adult children – Peter, Stephen, and Emily – and two grandchildren, Greyson and Hazel. 

Consultant and Assisting BishopWe’d like to offer a note on titles. Because of our unique circumstances, our Standing Committees felt it was necessary to conduct a thorough background and reference check process, including the extensive Oxford Documents background check before we were able to name anyone as our Assisting Bishop. This process takes about six weeks to complete and we are a few weeks into it. Bishop Adams will begin his role with us as a “consultant” to the Standing Committees until that process is fully complete. In the meantime, we, as your Presidents, have conducted one-on-one reference checks with leaders in his previous dioceses. Additionally, our chancellor met with Bishop Adams separately to conduct a sensitive conversation, which normally takes place as part of a full diocesan bishop search. With these extra measures, we feel confident that we have and are doing our due diligence and that, when the Oxford background check is complete, Bishop Adams will transition to the “Assisting Bishop” role, which will include greater interaction with our wider dioceses.“Assisting Bishops” are already consecrated bishops (meaning, they’ve served in another diocese before) and are called to serve in a specific role as determined by the Ecclesiastical Authority – for us, this continues to be held by the Standing Committees. 

Bishop Adams’ Ministry with UsBishop Adams’ consultancy with our dioceses began today, when he met with our full Standing Committees for the first time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, he will exercise his ministry with us from New York until and unless it becomes safe and necessary for him to be with us in-person. We do not know yet when his time with us will conclude. This is partially dependent on the decisionmaking that will take place later this year related to Bishop Hougland’s suspension.Please join us in warmly welcoming Bishop Adams to our dioceses. His email addresses are and

Thank you to the Interview TeamLastly, we extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals that served on the interview committee over the holidays and early this year. The committee was ably led by the Rev. Brian Chace (Ret., West Branch) and the Rev. BJ Heyboer (Newaygo) and included the Rev. Canon Michael Spencer (Eastern Michigan staff), the Ven. Linda Crane (Port Huron), the Rev. Curt Norman (Saginaw), Gary Grinn (Gladwin), Tanna Leclaire (Port Huron), the Rev. Canon Valerie Ambrose (Western Michigan staff), the Ven. Beth Drew (Three Rivers), the Rev. Dr. Jared Cramer (Grand Haven), Carole Redwine (Grand Rapids), and Nancy Foster (Cadillac). Thank you for your service in interviewing our three remarkable candidates and your commitment to discerning the right person to help guide us through this moment.  Yours in Christ, 

Janet Huff-Worvie

Standing Committee President
Diocese of Eastern Michigan
The Rev. Dr. Randall Warren

Standing Committee President
Diocese of Western Michigan

The Commons

The extensive land located behind the Diocesan House.

An interested group of the Holy Trinity community met with leaders Debbie Murphy and Rich Dykstra recently to discuss how we might use our land resource for ministry to and with our community.

Rich and Debbie would like to thank those who attended and shared their thoughts.

The focus of the meeting was to discern two questions:

*How is God’s ministry at Holy Trinity Episcopal church to be seen by the larger community?

* How can we utilize our Commons toward that purpose?

Some ideas: Nutritional Education Foundation, Collaborate with other local churches, Children Center, Dormitory, Art Center, Transitional Housing LGBTQ / young adults homeless.

There were some concerns about the Stations of the Cross and Labyrinth.

Action Goals:

  1. Each person at the meeting will invite others to join the next meeting.
  2. People host smaller discussion groups (zoom or phone call)
  3. Continue to discern with God’s guidance.

Technological Committee

Technological Committee


I am pleased to announce the appointment of the Technological Committee to assist the parish in all matters relating to technology. This includes our on-going move to high-density live-streaming, and a bigger presence on our web and Facebook sites.

The members of the committee are:
Maggie Gonzalez
Genia LaNore
Magnus Smith
Willis “Bill” Atwell
Advisors: Owen Smith and Troy Nelson*

We are looking for folks who would be willing to assist us by running a camera or the switcher on Sunday mornings. Teenagers are welcome and encouraged. Please contact me at

Fr. Don

New Vestry 2021

2021 Vestry

Kevin Murphy (23)  Senior Warden Genia LaNore (23) Junior Warden
Becky Wells Secretary/Clerk *
Brenda Amato (24) Treasurer
Nan Campau (22)
Troy Nelson (22)
Keith Kuzins (22)
Linda Kitsch (23)
Amanda Lustey (24)
Ron Stuitje (24)
* The secretary/clerk is a member of the Vestry without vote.



New Opportunity to Help

As you are more than aware, it has been a tough time for Churches. Almost all our income comes from annual pledges and those pledges are paid mostly from weekly or monthly installments. With in-person worship impossible during the pandemic, our income has suffered. While we have made significant cuts to our operation, the truth is our expenses are fixed.

You can now help us in a new way by making a gift online. Click on the link below and you will be taken to our parish database system and it will assist you in making an on-line gift.

Thank you for you willingness to help the ministry of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.