New Sunday Information, and New Technology


With God’s help on the first Sunday of Advent (November 29, 2020) we will begin new ways to bring our parish family together. The actions we are taking are not intended to reshape precedent for how do we gather together as a church family and accomplish liturgical ministry in the future. We will follow the guidance of our State and our Diocese. The following are ways we can creatively respond to our current situation.

We should begin new live streaming with new equipment. The picture and sound should be much better. We should be able to include pre-recorded material. For example, this Sunday one of our youth will light their home Advent Wreath and talk about Hope. There should be a new link to watch the service live, so please check back with us on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. I use the word “should” for good reason. We will not have all of our equipment set-up until Saturday. If everything does not come together, we will continue with our current system.

Beginning this Sunday: we WILL celebrate the Holy Eucharist live, and continue during the Sundays of Advent, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Each service will be live-streamed. At the time you would normally walk to the communion rail to receive the sacrament we will pause the service for 20 minutes and you will be invited to DRIVE to our parking lot. Upon arriving, please park and I will walk to your car and bring you (and everyone in your car) communion. You will be asked to stick your hands out the nearest window. You will be able to join in for the closing prayer and blessing by tuning-in to our parking-lot FM radio station which should be at 88.7 on your FM dial.

Our tiny radio station broadcasts with less than 1 watt of power and covers and area about the size of our parking lot. The station is permitted to operate without a license. The chances of hearing the station beyond the parking lot are quite slim.

My thanks for the ideas and support of our Worship Committee and our Vestry. My thanks to those who have contributed making it possible to have the little radio transmitter and a second camera. My expectation is that our live streaming will continue long after Mr. COVID has gone away. If you would be interested in running a camera or bring our video director from time-to-time, please send me a note.

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