That was no Nun (From Fr. Don)

While walking into a gas station I observe a man dressed as a nun pumping gas.  The mister sister needed a shave and did not have his wimple placed properly, which would be a big deal if indeed we were discussing a nun nun.

Obviously, this was no nun, or was it just odd.

I noted with a chuckle that an announcer on NPR following the funeral of Justice Ginsberg reported the iconic jurist’s name as Ruth Gator Binsberg.  As a former radio announcer who is guilty of many a blooper, I could not help but wonder if anyone was unkind enough to bring the mistake to his attention.  For an announcer at that level to utter such a malapropism is odd.

Maybe you will agree with me in thinking that 2020 is an “odd” even year.  Everything about this year seems topsy-turvey.  I will stop at this point with the inferences as I am not sure what might happen next.

We are nearing the last turn on the political races, our constant virus companion is not leaving town anytime soon, school is being conducted at home while church services are being conducted in parking-lots.  Standing in-line is almost normal if only you could tell which line you were in thanks to social distancing.  A friend recently confessed that she was not planning on dining out for a while.  I inquired if that was due to the virus and she replied, “oh no, I cannot catch up on gossip with people seated so far away from one another.”

It is all just odd.  Very odd.

Many of you may remember the “Twilight Zone” and the crazy situations where people would be in a world similar but not.  One episode has stuck with me, causing an occasional nightmare, where this average Dad walks into his home after a long day at work and no one recognizes him.  The lady of the home, who he knows as his wife, calls the police, and screams that he is an intruder.

Finding a stability and consistency in this “odd” time is a pursuit worthy of both our emotional and spiritual health.  Allow me to make two suggestions as much for myself as for you:

a)        This is not the time to make major decisions.  Unless you were planning something before the odd time, maybe wait until such time as we are living in a more reasonable reality.

b)        Find peace, not in a world which does not make much sense, but in God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  God’s love for you, for all of us is a reality that is beyond any human craziness that we could ever imagine.

Until our new 2020 glasses help us to see rather than assisting us in falling, until our 2020 shoes make it easier to walk rather than stumble, until we are not shocked when the sun rises in the west… let us all lean on each other, love each other and praise God for all that we have been given.

See you (live or virtual) in Church,


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